Friday, May 9, 2008

The World According to Dubya

Old Dubya using DubyaSpeak to describe his accomplishments as Commander in Chief. From a White House Press Conference, November 7, 2007.

How do you think you will be remembered as a President?

DUBYA: I think I'll be remembered as a guy who, you know, was dealt some pretty tough issues to deal with and I dealt with them head-on and I didn't try to shy away. I didn't, you know, I didn't sacrifice I was firm and that I made decisions based upon principles, not based upon the latest Gallup Poll. And that I helped this country protect itself, and at the same time was unashamed, unabashed at spreading certain values to others the main one being liberty, whether it be the freedom from forms of government or the freedom from disease and hunger. And that we had a very robust foreign policy in the name of peace. And at home, that the cornerstone of my policy is to trust the individual American to make the best decisions for his or her family. And that I dealt with not only a tax, but recession and a lot of other challenges to our economy, and yet our economy is very strong. We've had 50 consecutive months of uninterrupted job growth, which is the longest in American history. So, you know something? But I'll be dead before they finally figure out my administration because history, it takes a while to get the true history of an administration.

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